Poor baby's going to the shop. Ugh.

Posted by on June 29, 2010
After a fun night at Disneyland last night, we came back to a dead car. It would not even turn over. Ugh. So we called AAA and waited almost an hour for them to help jump the battery. Meanwhile the kids were so good. Jessie was strapped in her carseat the entire time & didn’t complain. I think she was too tired to do anything. Marissa climbed to the back area (there’s room to play when the 3rd row is out) to entertain herself. Finally, the tow truck driver arrived and jumped the car. It started, but was running very rough. I had to keep my foot on the gas and rev just to keep the car from dying. We decided to take a chance and drive the car home that way. Jim had his car since he works so close to Disneyland he met us there after work. So Jim was able to follow us to make sure we got home okay. As soon as I put the car in reverse and stop the car to get it in drive… the car dies. CRAP. The tow truck driver is gone. I quickly turn the key and (whew) get the car running again, barely. I keep revving it. With the custom intake & exhaust, it’s kind of loud. < hee, hee> Every time I had to stop the car, I had to throw it in neutral and hit the gas. Ugh. Every stoplight was going to be a nightmare. I just knew it. We made it home close to midnight. What a night. The next day we have it towed to Bob at HwyAUTO in Orange. We find out it’s the alternator. We ordered the beefier one for good measure. We plan on keeping this SUV for a long time.