What the? – Buffalo Wild Wings in Irvine

Posted by on September 4, 2010

Here’s my review on the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Irvine… We thought it would be a fun place to have a family dinner. We thought. I was surprised to see that this place is not as kid-friendly as I expected it to be. We waited a few minutes to get seated. (Every restaurant in Irvine is packed on the weekends around dinner time.) As we followed the hostess to our table, we noticed only a few booths surrounding the dining area. The whole room was furnished with mostly square tables and chairs. Having little ones, we prefer a booth.. but we got a table. They were out of crayons, I think the kids were handed one crayon each. And here’s the kicker — we ordered our drinks, and Jessie (she’s only 2 1/2) was handed a tall GLASS of chocolate milk with a straw in it. Really?? Who gives a 2 year old a glass? I asked for a “to go” paper cup with a plastic lid and a straw and the waiter obliged. That was the first sign that this was not a kid friendly place. There were a few kid friendly menu items to choose from. I have yet to find a restaurant with a large selection for the kids menu. Marissa ordered the mac and cheese. Jim ordered the sampler platter so that he could try all the different items. I wanted the classic wings on the bone with mild sauce. There were several sauces to choose from, ranging from mild to blazing. The waiter said that blazing was VERY HOT and it would burn your mouth, and warned us not to touch our faces or eyes if we order that. Okay. I’ll try not to touch my eyes when eating something scorching hot. Why would anyone want to eat something that spicy? I guess some people do like it hot. This restaurant is basically a sports bar. They serve bar food in paper containers. The food is just okay. If you like classic buffalo wings, this restaurant is good for that. If you are looking for a kid friendly place with a cozy atmosphere, this is the opposite of that. This place is great if you are a huge sports fan. You could take your family there, watch every sport on all the TV’s and call that family night. But you won’t score points with the wife if all you do is stare at the TV and you miss out on interacting with her and the kids! Elephant Bar or Red Robin are still my top 2 favorite kid friendly restaurants.

Oh, and btw I did learn something new. I had no idea what cornhole was until I posted this “wet nap cornhole” photo on Facebook. Apparently it’s a popular game at tailgate parties. Someone shared this YouTube video with me. It’s pretty funny.