Jessie's first time using the potty!

Posted by on October 27, 2010

Since I had to stay home all morning & work on travel calls, I decided to let Jessie watch TV with no diaper or PJ pants on. I put her musical potty chair in the living room & worked in the kitchen. Moments later, I heard the music coming from her potty chair & Jessie yelling, “Mommy! I did it!” I totally missed her first successful potty. She did it all by herself. I ran to see her standing next to her potty chair, with the proudest look on her face. Just beaming. Priceless. I’m so thankful that I get to be home for these moments. I’m a proud mommy today! Jessie’s growing up so fast.

  • Sukhraj Beasla

    Aww, that’s awesome! I love those moments. I hope I get the same opportunity one day. :) Yay for Jessie! When do I get to meet her?

  • maryannewendt

    Thanks Suki! We are STILL working on the potty training. She’s almost there! We might have a get together at our place for her 3rd bday. If we do Jessie will be sure to invite you! She loves food trucking with me too. I’m sure you’ll see her soon. :-)