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Posted by on November 17, 2010

Kristin of Meringue Bake Shop

Meringue Bake Shop on Yelp:  I met Kristin aka @Kgroovy on Twitter a few months ago and was looking forward to trying her cupcakes. When I heard she was going to be at Cupcake Camp OC in August 2010, I headed over there to try them. I was so sad they ran out! But I was also happy for her at the same time. Her signature Orange Crush flavored cupcake won an award for being the Most OC! Yay Kristin! And then a few weeks after that, I finally had the opportunity to try her cupcakes at a networking event called ConnectOC. All I have to say is.. WOW. They are so scrumptious. You can tell she uses the freshest ingredients. One bite of these heavenly soft cupcakes, you will want to inhale the cupcake so quickly, but DON’T. Take your time, and really enjoy them. So full of flavor! You MUST try the Orange Crush. If you like the soda, you won’t be disappointed. My daughter tried the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip on Halloween at the Grand Opening of OC Great Park’s Farmer’s Market and she loved them. There’s even a vegan one for cupcake lovers with allergies.

I’m going to remember Meringue Bake Shop the next time we plan a party. My biggest challenge is going to be choosing flavors. They all look so delicious!

Meringue Bake Shop’s website:

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