So busy… a couple of updates.

Posted by on December 15, 2010

I will post mostly personal things on this blog and move all food truck related items on my new blog at Food Truck Noms! Please visit that page for food truck activities!

I have been falling off my gym schedule! So busy and lazy when it’s cold out! Today I managed to get to the gym and run 3 miles on the treadmill. I really need to get out and do more of that. Feels great!

We are also working on a couple of holiday projects. Marissa just recorded a Christmas song, which I will be using as the background audio for my video for our website that I’ll be posting up soon. I’m bringing back for our family webpage. I’ve had that domain for years and it used to be printed on all our holiday cards. Well, I’m doing that this year! Fun fun fun. Hang tight. I’ll be lucky to get my projects out in time! May the force be with me… Hope everyone is happy and healthy this holiday season. I’m loving my family and friends so much. It’s been a challenging last part of this year, but we’re getting by and keeping a positive outlook for an amazing 2011.

  • iloveGarick

    Happy Holidays, MaryAnne. It was great to connect with you in person and I’m glad to say that you are someone I do feel that I can trust now. I’m wishing you well and spreading some good cheer then!

  • maryannewendt

    Thx Garick! It was nice to meet you in person too! Looking forward to seeing you at more events and having a fun new year with our mutual friends! Happy Holidays! :-)