Help get #Maddie on The Ellen Show

Posted by on March 3, 2011

If you aren’t familiar with Maddie James story, please visit the website:

We are trying to get Maddie’s story on Ellen DeGeneres’s show and we need your help. I’ve already submitted the following request on her website and could use your help. If she gets hit multiple times with this request we could get her attention.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Visit Ellen’s page: “Submit to The Ellen Show” (On NBC4) here:

2. Fill out the form and copy and paste the letter below:

Dear Ellen, I’m writing to you as a friend of the Maddie James Foundation.  Maddie James is a five year-old girl in Orange County, CA.  Maddie was diagnosed in January with an inoperable, terminal brain tumor (DIPG).  This dreaded type of cancer progresses rapidly. Her doctors have given her six months to live.  There is no cure – the survival rate is less than one year.  She likely won’t make it to see her 6th birthday in June.  This heartbreak and tragedy resonates with people everywhere as they can imagine “what if it were my own child, niece, or granddaughter.”

Well, there is something that people can do.  Maddie passionately loves all things related to the sea and when the time comes, her ashes will be spread at sea. The Ocean Institute is in the final stages of fundraising for its planned Seaside Learning Center. With one million dollars in funds, the Ocean Institute will be able to begin construction this summer and these new facilities will become The Maddie James Seaside Learning Center. People from all over So California are rallying for Maddie.  You can read about her in the OC Register, And, watch a news clip from KCAL9 in LA. Please feature this family on the show and help us fulfill their dream to memorialize the spirit of an extraordinary little girl, Maddie James. Thank you for your consideration.

3. You  will need to submit Maddie’s photo. You can submit this photo of Maddie (below):

4. Save the photo to your desktop & upload. Here’s the photo URL:

5. Submit your request! Thank you!!

Join Maddie on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Done! :) Thanks for the super easy instructions.

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thank you so much!

  • Kelly

    I couldn’t get the photo to work, but was able to save the picture of her you have here and sent it! Awesome idea….

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thank you! I will check the URL. Hopefully everyone is able to right click and save the image to their desktop and upload it that way. Thanks for your support!

  • Gaelle

    Great idea — thanks for making it so easy to submit the request! I also couldn’t get the photo URL to work — may want to fix it, as the show’s staff likely will have the same problem

    • Rhonda

      Hi Gaelle, Did you add the picture from your photo album. You have to save the photo to either your desktop or photo album then browse and locate it where you saved it. Hope this helps

      • MaryAnne Wendt

        You can right click the photo and save it. I will look at the URL and fix it if it’s not working right. Thanks so much!!

  • Heather

    Should we also submit to Oprah? She has a thing under “Be on the show” for a Harpo Hookup.

    • Rhonda


      • MaryAnne Wendt

        Yes! Thank you! Oprah is definitely a celebrity that we could use on our side! :-)

  • Elisabeth Larkin


  • Jchapparo1

    Great idea!!! I didnt get any kind of confirmation that it went through. Is that how it worked for everyone else? The “send” button just went inactive (shadedd).

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      I didn’t get a confirmation either, but I remember it taking me to a “thank you for your submission page” after I was done. Did you see anything like that? Thanks so much for your support!

      • Jchapparo1

        Appears to be user-error!! It worked the 2nd time.
        I will repost on my facebook!!!

  • Hyemyrig

    The photo won’t upload. I’m getting a “page not found” message. Help!!

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Did you save the photo to your desktop and upload? I will look into it and see what’s going on. Maybe we are getting such a huge response we broke something. That would be a good problem to have. Hopefully Ellen will hear us! Thanks so much for your support.

  • Anne E Schultz


  • Jheitler

    Glad to do it!

  • Tracie

    Thanks for the directions! Done, hope it helps!

  • Bethanywd


    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thank you very much!!

  • Brincas98


    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thank you so much!!

  • Rhonda

    Thank you for providing all the details. I have submitted and hope this helps. This a great foundation and it needs all the attention it can possibly get. No t to mention, the family needs prayers and support. I submitted a letter to the Oprah show on Monday as well!!

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Rhonda thank you so much. That’s great you submitted to Oprah too! I have tweeted Alyssa Milano as well. Hopefully the celebrities will hear us and help.

  • Tina Wright

    DONE! Can we do something similar for OPRAH?

  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Alison


  • Tammi

    This is so great! Thank you for putting this together!

  • Justformirka

    DONE ! ! !

  • Jpouliotis

    What a great idea and perfect instructions, thanks so much – done!

  • Caroline Divone

    I submitted a letter a week ago to Ellen and Oprah. Can you think of a more precious angel than Maddie for the Angel Network?

    This is a great idea! Together we will make this happen.

  • S_campbell


  • Michelle Z.

    Done! :) Go Maddie! Hope we soon see her pretty face EVERYWHERE!

  • Cambria Steel

    Hi MaryAnne,

    This is so great! I had the same idea, and sent in a submission to the ellen show a few days ago! We are going to make it happen, I just know it!

    All my best,
    Cambria Steel

  • Heather1775

    Done! Yay for Maddie

  • Tiffany


  • Karen Collazo

    done, done, done!!!!

  • DarciJH

    That was easy!!!!! GO MADDIE!!!!!

  • Amymuffin

    Retweet: @maryannewendt: @TheEllenShow Hi Ellen. Check out clip of sweet #Maddie. Help her realize her dream!

  • Ebhamilton

    so easy to submit! hope it works…

  • Thefave

    Happy to help!

  • Siskaryoga

    love you! Namaskar
    Sasha said: I love you, I want to give you hugs and kisses, I hope you feel good,

  • Karen Lanzon

    Seems like we are all thinking the same….I also submitted a letter to Ellen earlier this week:)

  • Marla Von Cannon


  • Tracie Mullens

    Done! I hope she makes it!!! :)

  • Karen White


  • Deedee0613

    Done!!!!! Good Luck…prayers for you!!!

  • Juliedesola

    Done! Hope it happens!

  • Denise

    Great idea! I did it and am crossing my fingers she gets it!

  • Alicesings40

    Visited the booth at the Festival of the Whales yesterday and I am touched beyond words…this form was easy and quick to fill out and I hope many people will send it to Ellen!

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thank you so much for your support. I wish I was able to see Maddie’s classmates. They were chanting her name in the parade on the YouTube video. So amazing.

  • Debbie

    Done. Prayers are with you.

  • Katlawrence

    I don’t even know this family, came to us via a mutual friend. The picture of this little girl has captured my heart! I understand her fathers peace with knowing his sister will guide his daughter as she gets settled into “angelhood”!!! I felt the same way saying good bye to my grandfather, knowing he was reuniting with his son lost from him in vietnam. God bless you all with peace beyond understanding.

  • Erin Dornan

    My fiance and I both submitted letters. We hope that this works and she gets on the show soon!

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      thank you so much Erin!

  • PK


  • Diana Keyes

    MaryAnne, thank you for getting this rolling. Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

  • Evelin Peralta

    Maddie I send the letter to help you….

  • KristenEarhart

    Done! I sure hope this catch’s the attention of The Ellen Show. I really want Maddie’s dream for the Seaside Learning Center to come true!