Beach Cleanup at Seal Beach

Posted by on March 21, 2011
MaryAnne & Kim Masoner

Handing funds to Kim of Save Our Beach

It’s Saturday, March 19th. Me and my husband Jim  were on our way to Seal Beach… Every 3rd Saturday, rain or shine, you’ll find Kim Masoner at Seal Beach for her monthly beach cleanup. Kim founded the over 11 years ago, and has dedicated herself to keeping our beaches clean ever since. I was excited to hand deliver the $900 raised from the #OCTweetup #SaveOurBeach event on March 9th.

Bill and Kim

Bill won the signed Wyland from the silent auction!

(A signed Wyland litho was also sold for $500 at the silent auction, donated by Eco Hero Kids. They will share the proceeds.) We had a fun and successful evening at Il Fornaio in Irvine. I was given the opportunity by Il Fornaio to host an event. (Thanks, Adrienne Sharar!) The venue, food & drinks were included. Free? Why not add value to an event, charge a low fee & donate the money to a good cause? I thought this would be a great opportunity to give back to the community. So I decided to work with Kim Masoner to help raise money for Save Our Beach, along with Big Train. Wonderful folks like Deal Gooder, YelpOC, A Charm for Charity, Eco Hero Kids and Sipper Photography donated raffle prizes. Rock guitarist Pat Hennessy donated his talent and entertained us with his music. What an incredible night. Many of Kim’s friends from Save Our Beach attended, along with OC and LA’s finest social media leaders. Everyone mingled, enjoyed the food, drinks & raffle. To read more about the event, please click here and read Big Train’s blog post. (Thanks Jim for an awesome recap!) Here are a few pics from #OCTweetup #SaveOurBeach (photos courtesy of Jeffrey Friend @JeffreyFriend,

Keep our beaches clean!

When Jim and I arrived at Seal Beach, we were surprised to see so many people. There was a dumpster near the Beach Cleanup canopy and people were emptying their bags of trash into the dumpster and going back to the beach in search for more trash. That dumpster was full of trash in just a few hours! What a great activity. You’re outdoors enjoying the beach, cleaning the beach and doing something good for our planet. It felt good to be a part of Beach Cleanup that morning. Next time we’ll bring the kids, so we can teach them how important it is to keep our beaches clean and live a more Earth friendly lifestyle.

When I first sat down with Kim Masoner, I was so inspired. We had one cup of coffee. As she was describing her beach cleanup to me, she mentioned the reusable grocery bags and how they dump the trash into the dumpster and reuse the bags. Nothing is wasted. Kim sipped on her cup of coffee, with just the cup. Me? I had a cup, a sleeve because my chai was hot, a lid in case I drove off with my drink and I didn’t want it to spill, and a stirring stick. Just to stir my chai while sitting there. I had a napkin that I didn’t use either. 4 pieces of excess trash. In just ten minutes I realized my coffee habits were not Earth friendly. I will remember to be more aware of my trash from now on. It’s those little things we take for granted. Excess trash isn’t good. Even a straw, which I need to sip my cold drinks. My teeth are a bit sensitive so I do need a straw. So many straws are tossed just after one drink. Now I know why Glass Dharma created reusable glass straws. He even has cute hemp pouches or bamboo hard cases for them. It makes perfect sense. And if you think about it, the drinks have to taste better when sipped with a glass straw, rather than plastic. Would you drink fine wine out of a plastic cup? Now I want a glass straw. Visit Glass Dharma or find him on Twitter @GlassDharma.

Ocean Minded

Ocean Minded. Very Earth Friendly.

Ocean Minded was at the Beach Cleanup. They handed out free trucker hats to beach cleanup volunteers and had their shoes & flip flops on display. Their footwear looked very comfortable. All their products are made of recycled rubber, leather hemp blend and other natural materials. One of their men’s shoes looked like a hip version of the Hush Puppy. I loved how all their flip flops looked! Definitely on my list of next flip flops to own! Retro-edgy cool design! You can also find Ocean Minded on Twitter @Ocean_Minded.

You can find updates on Beach Cleanups on the Save Our Beach website at Other beach cleanups are on the calendar in addition to Seal Beach. Kim is very active on Facebook and Twitter @beachcleanup. I encourage anyone who loves the beach to go to at least one of Kim’s beach cleanups and help out. She’s at Seal Beach every 3rd Saturday at 15 1st Street, Seal Beach, CA 90740 from 9am-12noon. Check her website for other beach cleanups too.

Kim Masoner's bed rolls

Bed rolls for the homeless. Made of grocery bags.

When Kim isn’t organizing her beach cleanups, she is hand crocheting bed rolls for the homeless with plastic grocery bags. They not only serve as padding and insulation from the cold sidewalks for the homeless, they are quite beautiful. She takes the different colored bags from each store and creates a pattern, as you would with different colored yarn. Amazing. She teaches others how to make these bed rolls, too. Here’s the video tutorial.

This is why I love social media so much. If it weren’t for Facebook and Twitter, I wouldn’t have met Kim. She’s just an incredible woman and an inspiration. Seriously. This woman will get you to move a telephone pole! (See photo below as she moves a telephone pole out of the wetlands with her group.) Kim’s a wonderful reminder that it’s all about giving back. And as she likes to say, “One person can make a difference.”

Kim helps move a telephone pole

Kim and others move a telephone pole from the wetlands!

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    Love the post Maryanne. You hosted a fabulous event! Thanks again for having Sipper Photography be a part of this wonderful cause.