#RazorParkCrush Event at OC Great Park

Posted by on August 2, 2011

Suz Broughton & Marcy Massusa

We had a blast at the #RazorParkCrush event on Thursday 7/28 at the OC Great Park! The event was hosted by OC’s Blog Crush and sponsored by Razor. This was my first Blog Crush event to attend, and how fun that it was a family night! The kids were able to test out Razor’s latest products. The hottest item was the eSpark electric scooter. My daughter Marissa and her friend B. loved it! Just turn the throttle and hang on! I noticed a left hand brake and the really fun feature was the rear step brake. Sparks were flying all over the place as the kids stepped on the brakes! Fun! The scooter’s max speed was only 10 mph. Scary for me to watch at first, but the kids seemed like pros right when they took off. (List price for eSpark: $179.99 but I’ve seen them go for $123.99 on Amazon).

Marissa testing out the eSpark

Razor did an awesome job at showcasing all of their scooters. They even had a scavenger hunt using Twitter. Clues were announced by following the hashtag #RazorParkCrush or by following @RazorUSA and watching the Twitter stream. Kids (and parents) raced all over OC Great Park to grab the clues. Prizes included the eSpark scooter and the Graffiti scooter (it has chalk on the brakes to create Razor scooter art!).

The kids were also able to try out some target practice with the Razor water pellet guns. Pump action with a chamber to hold little water pellets.

It was a great evening for all! AND, I finally got to meet Suzanne Broughton IRL (in real life)! After 2 years of tweets (@SuzBroughton) and missing each other by minutes at our neighborhood Cherry on Top and other Foursquare checkins, it was a pleasure to finally meet her!

Suz and MaryAnne IRL!

More pics:

Testing out the water pellet guns

Marcy Massura greets Blog Crush attendees

Carolynn Santaniello aka @OCRealtress

MaryAnne & Marcie aka @SuburbanMama

A cast on the leg didn't stop him from testing the Razors!

Fun for all ages!


Looking forward to the next Blog Crush event! Thanks for having us!!


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