Secret Apple Contract Document Leaked

Posted by on December 6, 2011

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On December 13th the original “Apple Computer Company” founding partnership agreement will be up for auction at Sotheby’s Fine Books and Manuscripts sale for an estimated $150,000. The  contract was signed by “Stephen G. Wozniak”, “steven p. jobs”,  “Ronald G.. Wayne” and dated April 1, 1976. (Yes, April Fool’s Day) The two and a half page document was typed up by Ronald Wayne, co-founder and creator of the original Apple logo. He also wrote the manual for the Apple 1 computer.  The lot includes the Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement and the Statement of Withdrawal signed by Ronald G. Wayne. He was paid $800, 11 days later. Mr. Wayne then received an additional $1,500. This share would be worth over $2 billion today.

“In a sense, both Wozniak and Linzmeyer are both correct. I have stated repeatedly—in my book I described in meticulous detail—that the ‘founding’ of which I was a part, was of the Apple Computer Company, which had nothing to do with the corporate entity that followed; a situation which makes Wozniak’s position precisely correct. Then at the same time, Linzmeyer—with whom I’d had many interviews—has postulated that the ‘company’ activities constituted the environment in which the original Apple I was physically built.” — Ronald Wayne

Apple logo by Ron Wayne
Original Apple logo was hand drawn by Ron Wayne

Since Steve Jobs’ passing on October 5, fans have purchased his black mock turtleneck for $175 and his favorite glasses the German Lunor Classic for $450. As stated in Computer World, Steve Wozniak will not be bidding on the document. Will Steve Jobs’ signature be worth $150,000? We shall find out on December 13th at the Sotheyby’s Auction. Look for Lot 241.

I was very lucky to have this special historical document fall into my hands. It’s an amazing piece of Apple history.

Would you like your very own copy of this document?

You can download it by clicking here. Download it now, while it’s still here!!


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