Family Game Night: Crayola Guess My Picture

Posted by on December 27, 2011


One of Jessie’s favorite gifts from Christmas was a board game by Crayola, “Guess My Picture.” It’s perfect for ages 4 and up. I love it because it’s fun for the whole family.

Here’s how we play:
First, we send one person out of the room.
Then we take 6 cards and lay them down on the board.
We pick 3 images to recreate using the colored shapes.
When we are done, we call the person back to the room.
That person has to guess all the pictures that we made!
Each person takes a turn leaving the room & coming back to guess.

It’s a fun family activity! There’s a set of cards with stars. We haven’t used them yet. I’m sure the rules explain how to use them but we haven’t gotten to that yet. We’re just having fun playing our own way with Jessie. (She just turned 4) When it’s someone’s turn to leave the room, that person is usually jumping on the trampoline or doing something silly to occupy themselves while the other family members are giggling & whispering while working with the shapes.

The kids got some fun gifts for Christmas. They love their gadgets! Marissa got an iPod Touch from Santa and Jessie inherited the iPhone1. Jessie also loves her Vtech InnoTab from Lola (grandma). But it’s the family board games the kids really enjoy the most. So put down the devices & have some unplugged fun!