Musical Auditions and Internet Safety Speech

Posted by on January 12, 2012

Another hectic week for the Wendt Family… Marissa has been practicing the song “Honey Bun” from the musical “South Pacific” during her entire 3 week break. Our water bill must be up this month from all the extra long showers where she does most of her practicing. Ha ha! It’s like a concert in the bathroom. Of course, she also sings in her room. Constantly. We love that she’s so passionate about singing. Her voice has really developed this year. You can tell that her voice is more mature from last year. It just makes me happy to hear her sing. The reason why she was practicing “Honey Bun” so much over her Winter Break was because 2 days ago she had auditions for her school musical. They are putting on a medley of “South Pacific” and “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Lots of kids were at the audition! We were there from after school at 2:30 until at least 5:30PM.

The process was much like the shows you see on TV, “American Idol” or “Xfactor.” The girls are sorted out by song, the boys are sorted out by song, they are taught a quick dance choreography and are called out by number and lined up in chairs, 5 at a time. They go in the audition room with 8 judges sitting behind a long table. They go in the room as a group to do the choreography and come back out and sit in their chairs. Then each kid is called one by one to go in the room and sing their song. It’s quite nerve racking. I’m glad that Marissa’s commercial acting experience in Hollywood has helped prepare her from these moments. I can (somewhat) relax because I know that she’s relaxed. She is also prepared for the fact that she may not get a callback. And if she does, she still may not get the part that she wants. She understands that there is a casting process and the director is doing her best to place each kid with a particular part based on their vocals, dancing, overall appearance for the character, etc.

After Day 1 of auditions, Marissa found out that she got a callback! Yesterday was Day 2 of the audition process. The callback. She was assigned 2 new songs to sing. (Oh, and did I mention she had to a speech to deliver yesterday for a D.A.R.E. presentation for the 6th graders? I’ll get to that part in a few moments..) So… Marissa learned 2 new songs the night before AND practiced her Internet Safety speech for Officer Predney’s D.A.R.E. presentation. She sang “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” and “Paris.” This time the callback process was a little different. The kids were all in the main room together and had to sing in front of everyone. I enjoyed watching all the the kids. So much talent at our school! I don’t know how Bonnie (the director) handles this whole process. She’s just amazing. It was another long day. We where there from 1:30PM – 5:30PM! Whew.

After school today, the cast list will be posted on the doors of the multi purpose room. So exciting! Marissa is so anxious to see if she got a part. She has been in the Primary Chorus since the 1st grade. 1st – 3rd graders may participate in the school musicals in the chorus. (Because of the increased population at our school, it’s now 2nd-3rd graders in the chorus) 4th – 6th graders may audition for speaking/singing roles on stage. Imagine Marissa singing from these little bleachers since the 1st grade, watching all the action on stage. She has been waiting for the 4th grade to have these new opportunities! Wish her luck! We’ll find out today!

Yesterday Marissa was invited to speak at a D.A.R.E. presentation for the Irvine Police Department. She did awesome! She enjoys sharing everything she learned about Internet Safety with her peers. I’ll post the video below. We are just so very proud of her. I was not doing nearly as much as her at 9 years old. What a great kid. Keep it up, Marissa! We love you.

Up next: Jessie update! She has been such a supportive little sister. She’s my next blog post!