My Early Birthday Present #MacBookAir

Posted by on January 27, 2012

My new 11" MacBook Air

I have been enjoying my early birthday present from Jim – the new MacBook Air! I opted for the 11″ since I have a 15″ MacBook Pro. I also have the iPad2 which I just got for Christmas. I guess you can say I’m in Mac heaven right now! I have always been at least 2 generations behind on Apple technology. New iPods come out, new iPhone (I still have the 4, not the 4S) and MacBook Air came out shortly after we got the MacBook Pro 3 years ago. This is the first time I’ve been this current w/ Apple products. For me, it’s really not a big deal when I’m “behind” on the products. I’m just happy to have working Macs. My MacBook Pro needs some serious work. In the 3 years that I’ve had it, so far the battery has died (I’m always chained to an outlet), the DVD/CD drive is out (I transfer files to my iMac G5 to burn discs) and iPhoto has been crashing for a year and I can’t access my photos. (And I can’t reinstall the OS until I get a new DVD/CD drive). As you can see, many issues with the MacBook Pro. Having down time and going without a computer in our household simply isn’t an option. Ok, we have the iMac G5 but it is slow. It’s hooked up to the cable modem and M-Audio Mobile Pre w/ killer speakers for Pandora and that’s about all it’s good for – Our Internet source for WiFi and Music. So, now I can slowly deal with the MacBook Pro issues while banging away on the MacBook Air. Mac Mac heaven!

What I love about the MacBook Air:

1. Tiny 11″ Screen = true mobility and weighs just over 2 pounds! This thing can fit in my purse and I can be connected anywhere! Give me a hot spot and I’m good to go. This 11″ MacBook Air is so thin and light, I’m sure it will fit perfectly on an airplane tray at our next vacation, with room for a place to set my drink! Oh yeah. My #1 rule is “No drinks anywhere NEAR the computer.” So this tiny screen is great. Not so great on my nearsighted eyes, but I don’t mind. The dream is to dock this thing to a 27″ Thunderbolt. If you haven’t seen this bad boy, click here. Just another $999.00 and I’d be set LOL!

2. Fast: 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. No spinning hard drive. You close the MacBook Air, it goes to sleep. You open it, it fires right back up.

I could go on and on about the specs.

3. Photos: Bottom line, I’m so excited to have a shiny new Mac and I can now get to work on managing 4,000+ photos from 2011. It’s been tough to organize photos all year without access to iPhoto. So happy to be able to do that now!

One thing that I had to get used to with this Lion OS is the 2 finger scrolling. When browsing, you have to use 2 fingers on the center of the touchpad to scroll up and down. It’s taking a bit getting used to. And when I jump on the MacBook Pro which is so 2 OS’s ago, I forget and try to scroll with 2 fingers on that touchpad. Doh. So with that 2 finger scrolling technique, I finally mastered pinning to different boards on my iPad. Apparently iPad uses the same technology on the touchscreen. I had no idea. Oh, and what’s pinning to boards? My latest addiction: Pinterest! It is so fun to pin interesting and inspiring photos onto various boards and sharing with others. It’s Instagram meets Twitter using bulletin boards to repin each other’s images. Very fun, easy and addicting! If you aren’t on Pinterest, try it!
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I should have no excuses now for keeping up with my personal blog about our adventures and my latest #foodtrucking experience. I can pretty much blog from everywhere but the bathtub. Hmmm.. a waterproof MacBook Air case with floating lap cushion for bubble bath blogging? Nah, no technology should ever be in the bathroom.

Have a great day, my friends!



  • Maribel

    Congratulations on an #awesome gift! now all you need is a purple cover for it! :D

    • maryanne

      Hi Maribel! The first thing I did was check eBay for a purple cover! Found one for under 20 bucks! Can’t wait to purple it out LOL! :-)

  • Gary Hohler

    Bought an iPad 2 the other day to go along with my Galaxy Tab….yes I am a gadget freak!!!

    • maryanne

      Hi Gary! We are all set.. iPad2 in the bedroom for my Pinterest addiction. 2 MacBooks in the living room. And the old iMac G5 for Pandora. I think I want a Kindle or Nook for Marissa for her chapter books. We are all gadget freaks too! Have a great weekend!