Green Smoothie with nectarine

Posted by on February 11, 2012

green smoothie nectarineThis morning I decided to experiment with nectarines in my green smoothie. Wow. Sweet and delicious! Nectarines look almost like a peach but has a firm skin. And they are packed with nutrients.

The 3 major goodies of a nectarine:

  • Beta-carotine — enables your body to produce vitamin A, which is essential for bone development
  • Vitamin C —  important antioxidant to protect your body from illness and disease.
  • Lutein — for healthy eyes and skin. Helps destroy the presence of free radicals in your body, which could reduce chances of chronic disease and cancer.





Here’s my Green Smoothie with Nectarine:

green smoothie with nectarine

spinach, celery, banana, pear & nectarine


8 ounces apple juice


2 tsp chia seeds

1 scoop Vanilla Big Train Fit Frappe protein powder

2 small handfuls of spinach

1 small stick of celery

1 pear

1 banana

1 nectarine

Blend. Enjoy! (Makes 2 servings.)

So so yummy. The nectarine really added a sweetness to it. My 4 year old Jessie has been staring at my green smoothies every morning for almost 2 weeks now. And every morning I would ask her if she wanted a sip. She’d look at the green drink and politely say, “No thanks Mom.” This morning was different. When Jessie overheard me talking about how delicious this morning’s smoothie was she asked me if she could try it. YES. Finally! I’ve been very patient… And.. and… she liked it! And we giggled about Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham — “Say! I like green smoothies! I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!” It’s so great to see my new healthy habits are rubbing off on the kids.

Jessie loves to drink water

Healthy habits: Jessie loves to drink water!



  • Alex L. James

    Hey MayAnne, happy Saturday to you.  Just last week I had the same experience with my daughter Kayla(13 and picky).  She saw me making my smoothie spinach, chia seeds, strawberries, peaches etc. and she had her nose turned up from the spinach.  After I made her try it(older children require less coaxing and negotiating cause you can just threaten them :-) ) she really enjoyed it and keeps asking when I’m making more.

  • Nocardioforme

    I’m in the smoothie club, too! I am too lazy to chew in the morning, lol! I like to add protein powder as well if I don’t throw in the raw eggs. I also shop by mail, so, I threw in an order of chia seeds with my last order, should be here sometime this week! Always looking for variety in the protein department. Nice work on the site also!