Marissa is sick today.

Posted by on March 20, 2012

Poor Marissa is sick today. She has been resting in bed. She didn’t make it to school, her piano lesson or dance class. Even though she’s only 10, she’s still my baby, especially when she’s sick. I don’t like seeing her like this.. laying around with no energy and not feeling well. She looks like she may not make it to school tomorrow either. I’m just glad I can be home for her on days like this. I’m so happy that I’m an at home mom. I love being here for the kids.

The challenging part is having a 10 year old that’s not feeling well, and a 4 year old cooped up at home when she should be running around playing at the park. My poor babies. One stuck at home sick, and the other one stuck at home because the other one is sick. Awwww. Jessie is so patient and adaptable to her big sister’s schedule. As soon as Marissa is better and back to school I am taking Jessie to the park for some fun.

For now we have to let Marissa rest and get through this yucky cold. Something is going around. And this cold OC weather isn’t helping. I thought it was Spring. Come on, warm weather. Show me your sunny face. I know you’re just around the corner.