3 Reasons to Take Breaks from the Computer Screen

Posted by on April 1, 2012

Jessie on the computerJessie turned 4 in December. She loves Mommy’s MacBook. Both our kids started using the computer at a very young age. They play games like Eye Spy Spooky Mansion, Care Bears and Nemo. Their favorite websites are Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr. and Club Penguin. And they love all the apps on the iPad. They can play for long periods of time… BUT, it’s good to take breaks from the computer screen.

3 Reasons to take breaks from the screen:

1. Eyes- Your eyes need a break to prevent eye strain. Kids need a break every 20 minutes from the screen. (Source: DavisVision.com) We like to play with blocks, marbles or board games as a fun indoor option.

2. Heart – Arteries in the back of eyes and heart risk – New studies show that kids with eyes glued to the TV, computer screens, video games, etc. have narrow retinal arteries. An anatomical “marker” for increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes down the road. (Source: BioSpace.com)

3. Body – Get out and play! The more time spend on the computer is less time spent outside. Everyone knows that modern technology is the leading reason there is so much obesity in this country.

Jessie's Marble Race

Jessie loves to play marble race!

So… even though I’m a huge fun of technology, it’s good for your kids (and grownups) to take a break. It’s good for your eyes, your heart and your body!

It’s Week 2 of Marissa’s 3 week Spring Break…
we’ll remember to take our breaks from the computer! 


-MaryAnne :-)