Time Does Fly. Really.

The past couple of weeks have been hectic! We’re on week 3 of a 3 week Spring Break. We’ve been swimming, hanging out with friends & I meet with my web client twice a week. The project is coming along. I also pulled travel quotes for a couple of families planning summer vacations. We had … Continue reading »

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3 Reasons to Take Breaks from the Computer Screen

Jessie turned 4 in December. She loves Mommy’s MacBook. Both our kids started using the computer at a very young age. They play games like Eye Spy Spooky Mansion, Care Bears and Nemo. Their favorite websites are Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr. and Club Penguin. And they love all the apps on the iPad. They can … Continue reading »

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Spring Break!

Marissa was absent from school for 2 days this week because of her stomach flu. She’s much better now and returned to school today. Tomorrow is Friday and her school Jog-a-Thon fundraiser, and it’s her last day of school before Spring Break! 3 weeks off! Hopefully the weather will warm up so that we can … Continue reading »

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Family Game Night: Crayola Guess My Picture

One of Jessie’s favorite gifts from Christmas was a board game by Crayola, “Guess My Picture.” It’s perfect for ages 4 and up. I love it because it’s fun for the whole family. Here’s how we play: First, we send one person out of the room. Then we take 6 cards and lay them down … Continue reading »

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