Baked Kale #healthy #snack

I am so addicted to KALE these days! There are so many healthy benefits to kale as I mentioned in an earlier post… My favorite snack is Baked Kale. I found a recipe online and have been eating crunchy lightly salted kale by the bowl! I like to use a little garlic salt. Here’s the … Continue reading »

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Green smoothie with kale

Instead of my usual green smoothie with spinach, this morning I used kale. I thought it would have a heavier leafy taste to it, but with the strawberries and banana it’s quite yummy! I have to say, I haven’t had a bad tasting smoothie yet. I am enjoying my green smoothies every morning for just … Continue reading »

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Green Smoothie with nectarine

This morning I decided to experiment with nectarines in my green smoothie. Wow. Sweet and delicious! Nectarines look almost like a peach but has a firm skin. And they are packed with nutrients. The 3 major goodies of a nectarine: Beta-carotine — enables your body to produce vitamin A, which is essential for bone development … Continue reading »

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Chia Seeds in Green Smoothies

I have been doing some research on Chia seeds… (pronounced “chee-ya” – Yes, as in “cha-cha-cha-CHIA PET“) and discovered some amazing things about them. History:  Chia seeds come from a flowering plant belonging to the mint family. “Chia” is the Mayan word for strength. Chia is native to Mexico and Guatemala and was cultivated by … Continue reading »

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My first green smoothie

It’s Monday. I decided to start my week of right with my very first green smoothie. I’ve had the pre made ones from the grocery store, but haven’t made my own green smoothie before. I just started reading Beth Aldrich’s book “Real Moms Love to Eat“  and I must admit, it’s the first book I’ve read in … Continue reading »

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Food trucking for Maddie at Irvine Lanes

Come join us for some food trucking at Irvine Lanes at #OCDinDinaGOGO on Wednesday, April 6th from 5:30-9:00pm. Participating food trucks will be donating a portion of their sales to the Maddie James Foundation. Here’s the lineup w/ web & Twitter links: Tropical Shave Ice – @TropShaveIce (So good, esp w/ mochi on top!) The … Continue reading »

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Meringue Bake Shop

Meringue Bake Shop on Yelp:  I met Kristin aka @Kgroovy on Twitter a few months ago and was looking forward to trying her cupcakes. When I heard she was going to be at Cupcake Camp OC in August 2010, I headed over there to try them. I was so sad they ran out! But I was … Continue reading »

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Sweet Tooth

Chocolate cake anyone? Originally uploaded by maryannewendt I have this crazy sweet tooth. But after this weekend, I was all caked out. I baked a 2-layer vanilla cake for my sister’s birthday and we celebrated on Saturday. And then on Sunday we attended an engagement party and there were 3 cakes (lemon, chocolate & Kahlua) … Continue reading »

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Farmers Market at OC Great Park

10.31.2010 — Grand Opening of Farmer’s Market at OC Great Park! Free parking, big orange balloon ride, carousel ride, Farmer’s Market vendors and FOOD TRUCKS! It’s a wonderful Sunday activity and so fun for the kids too! Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm. Arrive early and get your name on the waiting list to ride … Continue reading »

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What the? – Buffalo Wild Wings in Irvine

Here’s my review on the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Irvine… We thought it would be a fun place to have a family dinner. We thought. I was surprised to see that this place is not as kid-friendly as I expected it to be. We waited a few minutes to get seated. (Every restaurant in … Continue reading »

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