New Blog! I’m moving to PurpleWays.com

Not sure what I’ll do with MaryAnneWendt.com yet. Maybe I’ll keep more random & personal stuff here. I decided to start posting to my new blog, PurpleWays.com where I’ll have more focused content like Green Smoothies, Eat, Drink, Play, Social Media. And of course, any purple sightings that I stumble upon. Haha! Thanks for following … Continue reading »

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Poor baby's going to the shop. Ugh.

After a fun night at Disneyland last night, we came back to a dead car. It would not even turn over. Ugh. So we called AAA and waited almost an hour for them to help jump the battery. Meanwhile the kids were so good. Jessie was strapped in her carseat the entire time & didn’t … Continue reading »

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New Blog

I’m starting a new blog on WordPress.. not sure if I’ll continue family posts on here or just keep all blog posts on WordPress. Just started, so there are only a couple of posts, but here’s the URL: maryannewendt.wordpress.com

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Nightmare at the pumpkin patch

We were so excited to go to the pumpkin patch on Friday Oct. 10th. We waited for Jim to get off work and decided to visit the pumpkin patch on Jeffrey and Walnut near the 5 freeway… Every year we buy tickets for the various attractions. Marissa picked tickets for the big inflatable slide, the … Continue reading »

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In case we take down 2journey.com for a little maintenance, I’ll try to post things on this blog! I’m so behind on photos to print, photos to upload, etc… it’s time to take time out & re-do our website! Check back later for a whole new look!

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